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Senior Appointments

Senior Appointments

When it comes to running the security team/programme for any company, no matter how small or large, we understand the responsibility and quality that your team has to deliver.
Given that these experts are imperative to the success of a companies' cyber security function, the importance of marketing and the right match are as important. Our expert recruiters have experience in placing high achieving CISO’s, Heads of Security and Head of Security Practices in high responsibility positions.

Our consultants can articulate with C-Level to understand the needs of the company and what personality and skills are needed to ensure the success of the companies' cyber security.

Some of the positions we place:

CISO – Chief Information Security Officer

BISO – Business Information Security Officer

Head of Cyber / Information Security

Partner Level – Consulting

Practice Managers

Head of Consulting Practice

Heads of Architecture

Heads of Application Security

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