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We understand that changing jobs can be nerve racking and often hard work, we are here to help. Our recruitment consultants have an expert knowledge of the cyber Security job market. Our consusultants focus on a specific area of the cyber security market to streamline your job search and take the hassle out of the process.

Its no secrect that you are being hounded by companies, multiple recruiters and collegues to join "incredible companies". Juggling all of these proceseses and keeping up to date with everyone can be overwhelming - you dont want to be rude or let anyone down. As we have over 400+ relationships with companies of all shapes, sizes and industries only in cyber security we can define your search, streamline multiple processes through one point of contact and ensure that you are prepared every step of the way. Finding the ideal opportunity without feeling pressured should be how looking for a new job is.

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Worried about how your CV looks? Forgotten how to interview? Want to know your earning potential? Our consultants can advise on how to structure your CV, how to best position your skill set and also inform you on market earning potentials. We want our candidates to be as prepared as possible to succeed.

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"I actually got the job listening to their advice!"

Rafael-Andrei Borcan, Network Security Engineer​​​
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"They helped me build confidence to succeed during my interview."

Jeffrey Marimba, Operations Lead

What you Need to Do

If you want to meet new hiring managers of companies ranging from top social media firms, start-up fintech’s, global consultancies, leading global retailers and much more then all need to do is get in touch.

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Our sole area of focus on cyber security allows us to build strong relationships with end-users, consultancies and service providers that will be beneficial to your career progression.

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Our extensive clients network enables us to offer you exclusive global cyber security jobs for you to find your perfect next life changing job.

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Increased Salary

We understand how frustrating it can be for
someone truly dedicated to fight the cyber criminality. We work with companies that value your work.

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Long-Term Vision

96% of our candidates remain in their position for more than 24 months. This success is due to not only matching skills but ensuring we can match the correct culture fit.

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