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GRC / Data Protection

GRC / Data Protection

Governance Risk and Compliance and Data Protection is a wide area of expertise that we cover.

We have helped numerous companies across all industries become compliant in many frameworks including ISO, PCI-DSS, GDPR, NIST and much more.

Our candidates are experts at all levels, and we cover both end-users and consulting expertise including even QSA and ISA candidates.

Some of the frameworks and areas we have helped companies become compliant in:




✔ Third-Party risk assessments and policy review

✔ Re-Certifications of all levels

✔ Cyber Security Essentials



✔ Full Security Policy re-write, enhancements or from scratch

✔ Full risk audits

✔Multi-regional Data Protection assessments and implementations

✔ Governance product deployments

Positions we place:

✔ Head of Information Security/ GRC/ Governance

✔ 3rd Party Risk Assessors

✔ GDPR Practitioners

✔ Information Security and GRC Analysts

✔ GRC Consulting experts

✔ Multi-regional data protection experts

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